Four Important Questions To Ask A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Scottsburg

Bankruptcy attorney in scottsburg

In Scottsburg, bankruptcy lawyers are plentiful. Just look them up online or in the phone book for a full list of bankruptcy-related professionals. But choosing a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg should involve more than picking the name you like best or the first one who returns your call. Ask important questions during a meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg to assure yourself as positive an experience as possible. Here are some questions to ask.

Question 1: How much experience do you have handling bankruptcy cases for area clients? A general answer of “I have been around for a few years” is not good enough here. Ask for specifics, including specifically how many years and particularly how many of those years have been spent helping clients in Scottsburg. A good bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg will give clear and precise answers without you having to prod for further information. He should not appear to be hiding something.

Question 2: What is your philosophy as it relates to bankruptcy? If the bankruptcy lawyer in scottsburg answers in a more aggressive or confrontational tone … or a tone that makes you uncomfortable … it could be a clear sign of an ill fit. A reputable bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg will happily delve into his philosophy of working with clients more than merely answering that he just wants to win them cases or get them out of bankruptcy.

Question 3: What resources do you have to help me after the bankruptcy case has been settled? A good bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg will have established working relationships with other financial professionals and will recommend them to you during the bankruptcy process. He also may have taken additional training to consult with you on what steps you must take both now and in the years ahead to avoid bankruptcy in the future.

Question 4: What are all of your fees for services? The bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsburg with whom you meet should already have a list of what services cost, but have him explain them to you so you fully understand them. Uncover what is part of the general attorney fee and what lies outside of this fee. Ask about additional fees that could pop up down the line. Know what everything costs and when payment is expected, and talk with him about financing options. Many bankruptcy attorneys will put off charging fees until you are completely out of the red.

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