Mans Best Friend Deserves Best Treats Available

I recently had an interesting experience with a colleague. He stopped by for a visit, and the other people in my building (all dog people, with the exception of my colleague) were out on the porch with us. Soon, there were five dogs tumbling around the porch, and our pooches became the prominent topic of

Using the Right Motor Oil for Your Car

If you drive a car, bus, or truck everyday, you rely on motor oil to get you where you need to go. In fact, any vehicle equipped with an internal combustion engine, from motorcycles, planes and snowmobiles to tractors, boats and go karts, functions on motor oil. Whether you use the standard 5w50 motor oil

Why you should read Rochester blog if you are visiting the city

Rochester NY is certainly one of the most beautiful cities in the US. There are so many wonderful places to see and things to do. First time visitors to the city will definitely never forget their visit. Residents on the other hand enjoy the many wonderful things that the city has to offer. Since there

Get the IRS Off Your Back Once and for All!

Every day millions of hardworking Americans leave their families to do the jobs for which they are paid. Most of these employees will spend eight or more hours and earning every penny that they make. When payday arrives they see anywhere from 10 to 40 percent of their paychecks disappear into the greedy paws of

How Does Quiet Mountain Town Living Sound to You?

As you begin preparing your home for sale, the first advice on buying a home one can offer is…well, deciding where you want to move. In terms of first home buyer tips, that is as good as they come, and can be the most difficult and important decision to make in the process. My ultimate

Garden Design Ideas You Should Know

The average garden for food growth is 600 square feet in America. The average American gardener is at least 45 years old, female and has some college education or a degree. These are standard garden facts you probably know if you have any connection to the gardening community. What you might not know is where

Keeping the Love Alive, Counseling May Save Your Relationship

With the American marriage rate at an all time low of 51 percent of adults being married, its no wonder many of us struggle with serious relationship issues. We are now committing to one another less and less. In 2011 the average male was married at 29, and the average female at 27. These are

Employees Work Together Better with Team Building Exercises

Did you know that successful team building has multiple benefits for those who participate? The goal of team building is to increase the ability of the team to work together, and encourage the team to work within the group dynamics rather than against them. This can have positive ramifications for behavior in the workplace environment.