The Benefits of Medical Text Messaging

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“Health 2.0” can be described as the use of software and mobile tools, such as mobile healthcare apps, telemedicine, and database virtualization, to promote collaboration and disseminate information between patients, their medical care providers and other interested parties. Database virtualization and electronic record keeping can save time and money, as well as reduce instances or communication errors or lost documentation. Medicare is one particular sector of the American medical industry that could benefit from virtualization. For example, forms could be filed once electronically and then sent out electronically to all the various necessary parties requiring them, saving time and money.

Interestingly, the Netherlands leads the world in medical practices that use electronic records, with 99 percent participation in electronic medical record keeping. According to a study by the nonprofit Commonwealth Fund, Danish doctors reported that they were saving an average of 30 minutes per day by prescribing drugs and ordering lab reports electronically. However, only 46 percent of American medical practitioners use electronic record keeping software.

A particularly useful mobile health app for doctors of medical text messaging. Medical text messaging systems allow doctors to engage in HIPAA compliant text messaging, sending and receiving critical information about patients. HIPAA, or the The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, was enacted by the United States Congress and signed by President Bill Clinton in 1996 and pertains to patient privacy. Adhering to HIPAA regulations is absolutely essential in the medical industry. HIPAA compliant medical text messaging works using systems of encryption. Specialized apps for medical text messaging on mobile devices encrypt the data on your phone, communicate it to the recipient and then decrypt it, helping to ensure patient privacy and HIPAA compliance and allowing secure text messaging. However, it is important to note that doctors will need to scrupulously examine the use of medical text messaging apps prior to using them, carefully examining how they will ensure their use is compatible with HIPAA policies and procedure. Overall, however, HIPAA secure medical text messaging can be a huge asset the medical community.

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