Pros and Cons of Internet Information

Thanks to Internet or World Wide Web, finding info about any topic under the sun was never easier than it is now. Internet provides the easiest access to all sorts of information on any subject, available within a few clicks away. Whether you need internet news, interesting reading material or online information, internet offers each and everything.

The days when people have to go through the heaps of papers and books to find a piece of information are long gone by and forgot. Nowadays, Internet has placed a huge database of information in your palm. No matter which information you need if you have access to internet it is just a few clicks and seconds away from you. Everyday, heaps of information is added to an already unfathomable sea of information already existing on cyberspace. Hence, it would not be wrong to say that internet is the ultimate source of information in this age.

Internet information can be in various forms like text, audio, pictures, video etc. As far as the sources of internet information are concerned, websites, blogs, online discussion forums, live blogs are considered as the main sources of internet information. All these sources of internet information have their distinct place and importance in the cyberspace. Live blogs are, comparatively a new addition to the sources of internet information but have become one of the most popular sources of online news, ideal for the live coverage of events in absence of other forms of internet information like video, audio or pictures. There are so many forms of information, which owe their existence to internet like electronic journals, online discussion groups, electronic books etc. This is the reason why internet is one of the best sources of information.

One of the main drawbacks of internet information is the authenticity of the content. The issue of misinformation has become rampant with the spread of internet; as a result a majority of people don’t take internet information on face value, until and unless there’s reference of proof about its authenticity. Similarly, the information available on internet is diverse in nature; you can find scholarly articles on a topic as well as the essays written by a 12 year old, making it difficult to find the exact information one needs. So it would not be wrong to say that internet is a potpourri or a hodgepodge of information.

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