SEO Resellers Can Find New Potential

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62 percent of companies, well over half, performed their social media duties within their own staff. In a year, that number dropped to 55 percent . SEO resellers are becoming the go to solution for companies which simply do not have the time or staff to handle their own social media and internet search optimization needs. Companies who choose to outsource SEO may be able to provide smaller businesses with the tools and information that they will need to become competitive, or to remain competitive in a market with ever growing audiences and potential. 36 percent of small businesses pay for publishing tools and analytic tools because it helps them to better understand how to get the most out of their marketing needs. SEO resellers who can provide those tools, along with other services, may be able to resell SEO services that those businesses will need in the long run, which means better client retention rates.

43 percent of smaller businesses will spend six or more hours every week on social media sites, due in part to the amount of value they place in customer interaction and feedback. SEO reseller programs that SEO resellers can enroll in can provide those resellers with the type of social media services and white label content that small businesses may need to further enhance their social media presence. With the right private label SEO services, it may be possible for even businesses with staffs of less than ten employees to maintain a popular and communicative social media presence that will drive consumer interest. Seo resellers who use the right SEO reseller packages will be able to provide those businesses, and others, with the tools and content that they will need to compete online.

Google adds cookies to the computer of a user whenever he or she will click on an ad. That cookie file will expire in 30 days, but it can tell the company a great deal about the habits of the individual. With the right SEO program Seo resellers will be able to put this and other information to use for their clients, providing them with more effective sales tactics and internet marketing campaigns. 900 client side advertisers and agencies responded in a survey that that in house SEO declined from 51 percent in 2010 to 44 percent in the year 2011. The trend toward SEO outsourcing and working with SEO resellers reflects the potential that exists for marketers.

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