What the Best Engine Oil Change Places Do For Customers

Api engine oil standards

In the United States, drivers produce 1.3 billion gallons of motor oil annually. This accounts for a significant portion of used motor oil, and it unfortunately includes improperly disposed of motor oil too. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, estimates that 200 million gallons, or 757,082 liters, of motor oil are dumped by people every year in an illegal manner. Most people today do not know much about engine oil or about motor oil and its negative impact on the natural environment, and so often engine oil change places serve as trusted resources to aid these drivers in the proper disposal of motor oil and the education of API engine oil standards, which are the industry norm.

And of course, the best oil change places care for all of the disposal, making driver unaccountable for their disposal. All they do at these engine oil change places is drop off their cars to have their oil changed or drop off used motor oil, where these engine oil change places will take over and handle the disposal. These places care a lot about where engine and motor oil go after they are used, so for them it is more important to have it disposed of properly than to actually perform the oil changes. So these engine oil change places take any and all oils from customers and those stopping in to dispose of their oils.

These engine oil change places are extremely valuable when dealing with facts and statistics surrounding automobiles too. They know all about viscosity gradings, which include 0, 5, 10, 15, and 25 and which have Ws after them indicating their winter viscosity levels, not weight levels. These engine oil change places know too about the EPA’s recommendation to properly recycle used engine oil. According to the agency, for every 2 gallons that are recycled a home could be powered for a full 24 hours. They know too that putting more oil than is necessary into a car can cause certain parts of the car’s crank shaft to dip into the oil, which could churn air into oil and cause it to foam or make the oil pressure fluctuate. They know all these things and more about motor oil and how it impacts everything from vehicles to the environment. These places often offer the best oil change service for the money too, since they have a higher level of care and attention placed on automobiles and their impact.

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