How A BES Policy Helps Protect Popular BlackBerry Devices In The Workplace

Blackberry mobile device management

About 77 million BlackBerry devices are currently in use as of last December. These devices have become so popular with users, including President Barack Obama, that they are frequently referred to as CrackBerry devices. People are addicted to them, and deservedly so. The devices are excellent and are perfect for work purposes, since technology experts far and wide say BlackBerry devices are the most secure of all the major devices on the mobile market today.

As these devices creep further into corporate culture, Blackberry mobile device management solutions are creeping in as well. A lot of the time, these solutions are made available through cloud based software, which offers a much more secure and much more convenient approach to companies’ bring your own device, or BYOD, policies. In fact, the parent company of BlackBerry, which is called Research in Motion, is banking on the rise in BYOD policies across the corporate landscape since it recently rolled out its BlackBerry 10 in January.

From a corporate perspective, a strong BlackBerry enterprise server, or Bes security policy, is necessary for multiple reasons. For one, a Bes policy further protects data on top of the protection that these devices inherently offer. For another, a BES policy gives IT managers permission to erase data when needed or when a phone is out of an employee’s hands. Through implementation of a strong and effective BES policy, therefore, companies loving their BlackBerry devices can ensure their safety for years to come.

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