How to Turn a Vacation into a Hunt and a Hunt into a Vacation

Hunting lodge

Do you want a stuffed mammoth? You probably can’t get one anymore, but that doesn’t change the fact that hunting is one of the oldest activities known to man. There are many facts about wildlife that few people know. Black bears are not merely black. They can also have white, blond, tan or chestnut fur. Rainbow trout are carnivorous predators which eat smaller fish and salmon eggs. An elk bull can bugle for miles, and female elk are attracted to the loudest call.

With so much wildlife, it is not very surprising that 12.5 percent of Americans hunt annually. And there are numerous options for people who want to learn how to hunt. America provides guided trophy mule deer hunts, black bear hunting guides, elk hunting ranches and hunting vacations. Big game hunts are particularly popular.

Obviously, trophy mule deer hunts are not as easy as hunting smaller game like rabbits and ground squirrel. But for people who have time to take a vacation and money to spend on one, trophy mule deer hunts are among the best ways to spend some time away from the city or the suburbs or wherever home happens to be. Hunting lodges provide great amenities for those who want to get away and participate in trophy mule deer hunts.

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