Wealth, Nature, and No Taxes Why Jackson Hole Homes are Ideal for Starting a Business or Family

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When people are planning to relocate to start their small business or to raise a family, not everyone considers the benefits of buying Jackson Hole Wyoming real estate. With an excellent business environment, expansive nature reserves, and a low cost of living, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing to live in Jackson Hole Homes.

Jackson hole homes have the advantage of being in Wyoming, one of the best states in America to do business in. Wyoming has no corporate or personal income tax, which makes it an ideal place for small businesses to thrive. Jackson hole commercial real estate benefits from low energy costs, low operating costs, and draws upon the skills and expertise of a highly educated workforce. As a bonus, the low energy costs make it easy and inexpensive to heat Jackson Hole homes in the winter, something that might be hard to say about other low tax states, like New Hampshire. It is no coincidence that two of the most wealthy Americans are living in Jackson Hole homes!

If you are a conservationist, a hunter, or a lover of nature, buying a few acres of the Jackson Hole land for sale makes sense. Jackson, Wyoming is home to the National Elk Refuge, the largest elk preserve in North America. In the winter there are up to 90,000 elks! With a population of 9,710, that is almost 10 elk for every person! If you live in any of the Jackson Hole homes, you can support the elk by participating in the only public auction of elk antlers, which are collected by the local Boy Scouts when the elk shed them, in the world. All of the proceeds from this auction are used to feed the elk.

The best Jackson hole property for sale and the best Jackson hole realtors are just a quick search away, so there is no reason not to start planning your move to one of many luxury Jackson Hole homes today.

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