Independent Schools Today

Private high school

Independent Schools come in many different shapes and sizes, therefore the idea that they are all the same is very outdated. Those that want a Christian education for their kids, will often send their kids to Christian schools. Since these schools are not funded through the government classifies them as Independent Schools. Then there is day school that may not be religiously affiliated. That is another example of Independent Schools. Norfolk Private School is one of the oldest of all Independent Schools in the area. This Private high school has attracted many pupils and their parents to their educational approach. The parents that are set on sending their kids to Independent Schools are the ones that want something other than the general education for their kids, and wish to have a specific aspect of their culture or religion incorporated. Often they can get this through Independent Schools, whereas they cannot get it from the public school system that their kids would be attending. Independent Schools can be costly, therefore if one is to consider one, they need to understand that their desire for this educational facet must outweigh the option of free schooling for their children.

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