Small Business Marketing Adapting as Winter Is Coming

Social media marketing

Small business marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads from prospective clients. SEO in particular is effective. 34 percent of marketers, in fact, call it “very effective”. 24 percent of overall marketing spending last year was on digital and online marketing and that number is probably going to tick upward. This is because 57 percent of businesses have been able to acquire customers through their blogs and 41 percent have done so through Facebook. And companies with blogs have 434 percent more indexed pages. This turns out for more leads in the long run.

Automated internet marketing for small businesses can include using email newsletters. Of course, this varies across the board. Healthcare internet marketing is not going to be exactly the same as original content blogging and social media marketing. There are over 2 billion people who use the internet, with social media and internet searches being the most common activities that people perform online.

While internet searches are by far the most common activity for the moment, this might change as mobile devices become more prolific. Nonetheless, one thing is certain, the internet is going to change the nature of marketing forever and it is for this reason that small business marketing strategies are going to be significantly different tomorrow than they are today. They already have changed significantly from what they were. Small business marketing is going to come to define the future of the companies that survive and adapt.

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