Everyone Loves Salsa and Chips

Hummus recipe

We all know about the different salsa brands on the market. A good salsa brand and a bowl of tortilla chips makes a great appetizer or snack. Not everyone has tried hummus and pita chips though, which is another great appetizer or snack to serve your guests. Hummus is a distinctly labeled Lebanese dish. The Association of Lebanese Industrialists even asked the Lebanese Ministry of Economy and Trade to protect its food status from the European Commission and make it a known Lebanese food, in 2008. There are a number of hummus brands on the market now. Not all of them originate from Lebanon however.

The Market Researchers Symphony IRI Group states that hummus now dominates the “refrigerated food” spread section in modern grocery stores. It is a $5 million dollar business with only a few hummus dips available in grocery stores. You can also buy hummus in health food stores. This dip is a highly nutritional dip. It has significant amounts of iron, vitamin C, B6 and folate. A single serving of hummus gives you 1 percent of the daily recommended allowance for riboflavin, potassium, calcium and vitamin B6. A serving of hummus, made with ground sesame seed or tahini, is also a significant source for the amino acid methionine. There are a ton of hummus recipes online that use other ingredients too.

If you have tried hummus and your guests do not like it you can always revert back to serving one of the classic mild salsa brands. A spicy fresh guacamole, served with pita chips is also a good choice to go along with your favorite salsa brands when serving salsa and chips. Guacamole consists of fresh mashed ripe avocados and spices. Everyone’s taste is personal. However, to find the best Salsa brands shoppers should read reviews online. The same is true when searching for the best hummus brands. Shoppers can also find fresh guacamole dips for sale in stores today too.

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