Cosmetic Denists Keep America Smiling

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While most people brush their teeth and many visit their local dentists on a regular basis now, 100 years ago about one half of all North American adults did not have teeth. Good oral care includes brushing at least once or twice a day, regular flossing and having professional teeth cleanings and check ups every six months. General and family dentists usually handle cleanings, check ups, xrays and filling cavities. When there is extensive damage, tooth decay or if a tooth is broken or missing, cosmetic dentists can help.

Dental implants are placed into bone sockets of missing teeth. Over the course of about six to twelve weeks, the jawbone grows around the implant and heals securing the implant into the mouth. Mini dental implants are only 1.8 to 2.9 millimeters in diameter, and come in different lengths. Some of the best dentists working in the field of cosmetic dentistry can leave it nearly impossible to tell real teeth from implants.

One day dentures are a recent addition to the world of cosmetic dentistry. There are two basic uses for one day dentures, or same day dentures. One day dentures are measured, created and installed all in the same day and are ideal for new denture wearers who have had just their teeth extracted and whose gums have just started healing. They are also good for people who are looking for replacement dentures. Over the years, dentures have been made from different materials including human and animal teeth, ivory, porcelain and acrylic resin.

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  1. When my 14 year old son broke a tooth playing hockey I am sure I was more upset about it then he was. His dentist gave him an implant and you really can not even tell which tooth it is.

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