Save Your Loved Ones From the Waking Nightmare That Is Nursing Home Abuse

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My Nana recently lived through the nightmare that is nursing home abuse. The whole ordeal was traumatic to our whole family, but I cannot imagine what she must have gone through. Nursing home abuse must have been like one big waking nightmare.

Totally fired up, my family hired the best personal injury lawyer we could find. These lawyers act as legal representation to those who claim that they have either been physically or psychologically injured as the result of the negligence or the wrongdoing of another person, government agency, company or other legal entity. These people also take on cases that involve trucking accidents or auto accidents. The preponderance of the evidence as opposed to clear and convincing or beyond a reasonable doubt is usually the proof standard in a wrongful death claim in the United States

In these car accident cases, though, the attorney will investigate the accident. They will read the police report, obtain and review the witness statements, get photographs of the scene of the other cars that were involved. With 8,369,575 drivers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, our state has the fifth largest population of licensed drivers in the entire country, which means that there are plenty of seasoned, experienced personal injury attorneys ready to go to bat for us in any personal injury case, like nursing home abuse.

Depending on the negligence or the intent of the party responsible, the injured party might be entitled to monetary compensation from the responsible party through a settlement or a judgement, so you can bet that we wanted to get the full amount due to my Nana.

That awful place paid, in full, for all the damages and nursing home abuse they inflicted on my poor Nana. And you can bet we got in touch with the families of the other elderly persons living there, too. We would not allow any one to go through nursing home abuse, anymore. No way.

If you have gone through an awful nursing home abuse situation as well, I encourage you to share your story, and let others know what that experience was like. Please share in the comments.

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  1. Wow. I cannot believe that this is still a problem in the United States. I remember there seemed to be a huge rash of it a few years ago, but I thought that they imposed stricter rules about nursing homes to prevent this from happening again.

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