Top Three Things to Look for in a New Home

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You have been looking at houses for sale in VA, meeting realtors in Virginia, and looking in what seems like nearly all Norfolk homes for sale. And then wait! Suddenly, as you walk through that thousandth Norfolk homes for sale, that one house seems like a dream come true. It is replete with everything you have ever wanted in a home, and its curb appeal is to die for! But before you get too excited and make that purchase offer, read these three important steps to consider when looking at homes for sale in VA including real estate virginia beach.

1. Visit more than once.

Most neighborhoods are pretty serene on Sunday mornings. Go back to the neighborhood on a weekday evening, and assess the traffic flow, noise, and activity. The last thing you want is to buy a home that serves as an ad hoc racetrack at 5pm.

2. Get a home inspection.

This is a no brainer, and most realtors will never let you purchase a home without an inspection. But in addition, drill the sellers (or their realtor) with questions about past improvements and work. When was the house last painted? What about the roof? And that hot water heater in the basement? What is its story? Do not be afraid to ask, ask, ask. And, if they have records or receipts, ask to see those, too.

3. Taxes and utility bills.

Everyone knows that the purchase of Norfolk homes for sale is only the beginning of the expense of home ownership. Home maintenance and ongoing improvements are constant, and it helps to know the average utility bills (in summer and winter). Also, taxes vary according to town, so be sure you know what you are getting into with that expense, as well.

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