If Hemingway Liked it, it Has to be Good

What was once home to one of the greatest American writers (Ernest Hemingway), Key West has grown to be a resort destination hotspot. As the southern most tip of the continental United States, this nearly eight mile stretch of glistening waters and beautiful beaches has quite a history, too. When Florida was (quote unquote) founded

Emergency Dental Treatment You Can Count On

According to Pew Research, emergency room dental visits increased by 16 percent between 2006 and 2009. In fact, 88 million dollars was spent on emergency room dental visits in the state of Florida, alone! The saddest part of this is emergency dental patients usually end up paying 10 times what it would cost for annual

The Federal Government is After You

IRS tax levy help is sometimes necessary for those who need to get their taxes in order. Paying federal taxes is not something that anyone really likes to do. But, along with dying, it is something that we have to do. Furthermore, there was never really a time in American history when we did not