Chevy, 200 Million Cars and Counting

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Chevy has produced in excess of 200 million cars and trucks since 1912. Since they have experience with making a sale every 6.5 seconds, they are used to putting considerable resources into research and development. Fortunately that means that you benefit at local Chevy dealers for all of that attention to detail and design advances. That means that your safety and driving experience is based on some serious historical baselines. In fact, the Chevrolet bowtie emblem has been around since 1913, right at one hundred years ago.

Local chevy dealers in the Rochester, NY area fully know about the brand and what it means to a lot of people. Aside from their history, car dealerships in Rochester NY are no strangers to customer research. Today, the quintessential car buyer arrives with a lot more information about their target car than at any time before. They will have expended time and attention online to reading various reviews and collecting feedback before they first speak with Rochester car dealerships.

As a consumer, this research and availability of information helps you to determine what features and amenities are most important. It will also let you focus on the finer details of the car buying experience much sooner than before. If you understand the various options or packages, you can make some preliminary decisions prior to arriving at the dealership. And, you can actually browse the Rochester inventory before stepping foot on the car lot.

This is truly a good thing for both the dealer and the customer. A new Chevy dealer can focus their efforts on the sales experience. For instance, the physical dealership has evolved over the years and the post sales services have grown. Your Chevy dealers ny are more likely to include some ongoing maintenance and warranty services that align with their brand credibility.

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  1. I would say that all of the information online, actually speeds up the sales process from what people have been used to. They do not have to look at so many options.

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