Fishing for Tuna?

Tuna in the mississippi river

If you are interested in hunting and fishing, Venice, Louisiana is a destination that you should consider. If you are interested in fishing for tuna, Venice is near some of the US’ better tuna fishing areas. Venice la fishing charters can put you right where you should be when you are fishing for tuna.

Venice is just outside of New Orleans and near the Mississippi. Its location puts it just a 15 mile boat ride away from water that is 5,000 feet deep. Tuna generally live in deep water areas, so Venice is uniquely located next to such deep water, making it a premier destination for people fishing for tuna. Most of the businesses in Venice are tuna fishing charters for people going tuna fishing, so you will have plenty of different service providers to choose from. You should be able to find one that works for you and how you like to fish.

Of course, you do not have to go fishing for Tuna in Venice. Its location also gives it excellent access to waterfowl hunting, like duck hunting. Southern Louisiana is filled with small bodies of water and bayous, making it a great stop for waterfowl and migratory birds on their ways north or south. If you are interested in taking a break from fishing for tuna in Venice for a day, you can go hunting. If the season is right, you can come out to Venice exclusively for the hunting. Either way, the Mississippi Delta is a unique and beautiful feature in the US and can be explored and enjoyed in a variety of different ways. The Mississippi Delta is a disappearing landscape, so it is better to take the opportunity to see it and to enjoy its hunting and fishing sooner, rather than later.

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