Top Five Facts That You Should Know About Recycling in the United States

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In the past few decades, the green movement has resulted in the appearance of recycle centers, waste disposal companies, and the advancement of waste removal companies to help with recycling in order to help preserve the planet from global warming and a trash crisis. Here are a few more facts that you should know about recycling services in the United States.

1. Did you know that the United States makes up only four percent of the population of the world, yet it is the number one producer of gaarbage? This is one of the reasons that the use of recycling centers that recycle metal prices reasonably are so important.

2. In 1971, Oregon became the first state to pass a bottle bill designed to increase recycling and decrease litter. This has become a country wide phenomenon and has helped to reduce some of the waste that ends up in land fills each year.

3, The most common recyclable items, largely due to the fact that they are among the most simple to recycle, include glass, plastic, paper and aluminum.

4. Did you know that a national recycling rate of 30 percent has the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as much as removing nearly 25 million cars from the road? Wide Spread use of recycle metal prices has made this percentage even easier to achieve.

5. Recycling is an excellent and easy way of saving energy and conserving the environment. Most cities and even some smaller towns around the country make recycling as easy as possible.
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