Are You Afraid of Losing Your Pet? Use Brass Pet Tags to Help

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According to the ASPCA, almost 60% of American households have a cat or dog that they keep as a companion. After all, our pets, some of the most amazing creatures on the planet, offer us love and companionship that is hard to find elsewhere.

Dogs and cats, originally domesticated for our protection and for the protection of our food supply, have since grown to be members of our families. While it is true that dogs have nearly 220 million smell-sensitive cells in their noses making their olfactory senses far superior to humans’, it is not their hunting abilities we want any longer. 90% of pet owners say that their pets are a part of their family, not just a tool for hunting, gathering, and protection. For this reason, pet owners spend nearly $5 billion annually on pets at Christmas time.

Just like humans, bad things happen to our pets. They become ill, they pass away, and they get lost. At least for the latter of the three, we can help protect our pets. If you are afraid of losing your best friend, then keep these three tips in mind to help find your pets in an emergency.

  • Use Brass Pet Tags
  • Brass pet tags are cheap pet tags that can be used to identify our animals when they are lost. Pet ID tags, whether they are cat tags or dog ID tags, need to have our pet’s name, our phone numbers, and address on them, at the very least, to make it easier for their rescuers to get them back to us. Brass pet tags are readily available online, from supermarket kiosks, and from our veterinarians.

  • Use Modern Technology
  • Modern technology makes it easier to protect our pets than ever before. For instance, microchip registry tags containing ID numbers for our dogs and cats can be placed under our pets’ skin. These tags can be scanned, revealing our phone numbers so that our pets can be easily returned to us.

    Brass pet tags, humble in appearance, also make use of modern technologies for improved success in finding our pets. Consider, many personalized pet tags now feature a QR code that points to our pets’ online profile where we can list any medical conditions and reward offers their rescuers should be aware of.

  • Make Posters

  • Brass pet tags are a great way to help find our
    pets, but we also need to continue to use canvassing in our search and recover operations. Place posters around town with a picture of your pet and your contact information to help your cat or dog be returned sooner.

By using classic brass pet tags, modern technology, and canvassing, you can help make it easier for your pet to be found should the worst ever happen. Luckily, these effective methods are quite cheap while still being highly reliable. Keep these things in mind to help protect your furry friends.

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