Looking For a More Organized Closet?

Closet organization systems

For those who struggle with organization, especially at home, it should be noted that closet systems can make it easier to organize your belongings. Sometimes, people can install DIY closet systems, or do it yourself closet systems, which can really make a difference, as it can help homeowners make the best use of the space around them.

One of the best closet systems involves a murphy bed. Murphy beds are a part of custom closet systems, and are sometimes called wall beds. Today, an efficiency apartment often features a murphy bed, a bathroom and a kitchenette. Murphy beds allow homeowners to have more space because the bed folds into the wall, taking up no space while it is not in use.

In Colonial times, closets were built on either side of the fireplace, and were used for general storage. Today, there are many different DIY closet systems, including spear closets, which are closets made from leftover space in a home that is of irregular shape and size.

Closet systems and murphy beds are all part of Feng Shui, which is the act of balancing the energies of any given space to assure health and good fortune. When people use Feng Shui, home owners are encouraged to think about the closet, because a disorganized closet can produce very low energy. At the end of the day, home decoration is up to each individual homeowner, but murphy beds and other tips for closet organization can greatly improve the look and value of your home, as well as take complete advantage of the room available to you.

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  1. I used to be the biggest slob ever. In my old house, I couldn’t get into my bedroom fairly often because it was just stuffed full of clothes and other things I didn’t need. Now I have a wall bed and a whole lot more space overall.

  2. Murphy beds are hypothetically supposed to be more expensive, but I found mine to be cheaper than the regular mattress and bed I had before. Plus, now I have more space in my room and I feel more comfortable in there.

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