Rochester Businesses, Are You Struggling to Make an Impact on the Web?

Marketing and advertising tips

Since the beginning of business, marketing has been a crucial part of success, regardless of the field, industry, and service. It started with word of mouth advertising, eventually moving into written print, and, finally, into modern technologies such as radio, television, and the internet. In 1900, the billboard was created in the United States, generating a boon of marketing billboards along highways and streets.In 1938, advertising on the radio surpassed that in magazines for generating profit. Television later took the crown only to find itself being replaced in the digital age by the internet.

Almost a quarter, 24%, of overall marketing spending in 2012 was spent on internet marketing such as that offered by a marketing Rochester NY web advertising agency. Consider, internet advertising revenue was $8.1 billion in 2000. In 2011, it jumped to $32 billion. This year, web advertising is expected to generate $42 billion in revenue. Clearly, American businessmen understand the importance of web marketing efforts offered by experts in marketing Rochester NY firms and elsewhere.

  • Full Service Ad Agency
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    Full service ad agencies exist to offer marketing in all important mediums. While TV and radio are quickly losing their top spots as the internet continues to be the dominant source of growing income, the fact is that more traditional mediums remain an important part of advertising tips and tricks.

  • Web Design for All Platforms
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    Services web design Rochester companies offer is critical to success on all computing platforms, including the increasingly popular mobile platform. 56% of American adults now have a smartphone, according to Pew Internet. These smartphone users want intuitive, rapid access to the websites they are looking for. In fact, they will not wait any longer than three seconds for a webpage to load before moving on, according to CNN. Marketing Rochester NY professionals utilize the best mobile website design tips to make sure their clients’ webpages only encourage mobile use.

  • Offer Resources Companies May Not Have
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    Recent statistics show that 70% of small business owners spend less than three hours on their e-mail marketing campaigns per week, despite email being one of the best drivers of conversions. The reason? Small businesses simply do not have the manpower and expertise, in many cases, to effectively implement modern web advertising strategies. Local marketing Rochester NY professionals have both the time and the expertise.

  • All About Access to Increased Income
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    In the end, the purpose of web marketing remains the same as any other type of marketing; to get businesses an increased revenue stream. According to eMarketer, global eCommerce sales topped $1 trillion in 2012 for the first time. In America, eCommerce sales are expected to jump by another 15.1% this year. Effective web marketing is crucial to harnessing the sales potential of the web.

Web marketing is the most important medium for business advertising, bar none. More people than ever are turning to the web to watch their favorite shows, read their email, work, and play than ever before. Businesses need full service advertising agencies for exactly this reason. Failing to use them will mean missing out on a lot of potential business. Learn more at this link:

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