Interesting Automobile and Driving Facts for Car Lovers!

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If you were driving your car non-stop, at 60 miles per hour, you could reach the moon in only 157 days! OK, that fact may be pointless, and completely random, but is interesting to consider. As car lovers, it is cool to sometimes think about the capabilities are cars could have, if they could defy the laws of gravity. However, the rest of this piece will feature some facts based on reality. Hopefully by reading and understanding these facts, you can improve your driving ability, gain some interesting knowledge, and have a better understanding of the road.

The first car insurance policy was issued in the year of 1897, in a town known as Westfield, Massachusetts. Today, almost everyone has an auto insurance policy, and it’s incredibly important. There are approximately 2 million adult drivers and passengers treated in emergency medical facilities each year as the result of being injured in motor vehicle crashes. Of course escaping from these crashes with your life still intact is the most important thing, but if you can save your car from sitting in an auto salvage yard for a few more years, that’s a plus.

Speaking of auto salvage, did you know that you can get a great discount on use auto parts at most salvage yards? It’s true, many cars sitting in salvage yards still have use auto parts that perform perfectly fine, despite other parts and features of the automobile being completely destroyed. You can even get windshield replacement from a salvage yard – that is, if the windshield you’re replacing your old one with isn’t damaged.

Here’s a couple more random driving facts: On average, every American will spend about two whole weeks of their life stopped at red lights. Kind of scary when you think about it. Two whole weeks… think of the things you could have done in those two weeks instead of wasting your time waiting for a light to change green! OK, one more random auto fact: There are about 65 traffic tickets issued each minute in the U.S., so don’t break the rules of the road, because you’re bound to become a part of that statistic at some point if you do!
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