Learn How You Can save Money When Purchasing Your next Car


When most people want to buy a car, they will go to a dealer, and either buy a new or used vehicle. If you have a car, chances are that is how you bought it. However, GSA auctions are often a much more cost effective way to buy quality vehicles.

GSA auctions are auctions run by the federal government, specifically the United States General Services Administration, or GSA. When the federal government needs vehicles, it has the GSA go out and purchase fleets of new cars and trucks. However, after a few years, the government will usually want to renew its fleet. The GSA then auctions off the existing vehicles in the federal fleet in order to both, make room for, and finance, the purchase of new incoming vehicles.

Government vehicles sold at GSA auctions have been used for ordinary transportation by the government, and are typically no more than three years old, with low mileage and excellent maintenance. GSA vehicles are available in a number of popular styles and colors, and feature power steering, A/C, power windows, and AM/FM cassette decks. Best of all, all GSA vehicles are drive away ready. Note that specialized military or repossessed vehicles are not sold at GSA auctions.

If you wish to buy a vehicle at a GSA auction, there are two ways to do it. First, you can actually attend a GSA auction in person. When attending an auction in person you will have the opportunity to inspect the vehicles, including starting the ignition. However, test driving is not allowed. A second way to bid on GSA vehicles is to use online auto auction software to bid remotely via the internet. You can find out more information about both these methods on the GSA’s website.

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