Put an End to Electrical Injuries at Home and at Work

Cable ties

Did you know that, electrical shock kills as many as 1,000 Americans in any given year, and another 30,000 sustain non-fatal shock-related injuries? Frayed, worn, and damaged wires poses significant risks, including risks of electrical fires and electrocution. Small tools reduce these risks at home, around the office, and in an industrial setting. What are these specific tools?

Rubber Grommets and Conduit

Keeping wiring, cables, and circuits safe starts with a certain level of protection and insulation. Rubber grommets, for example, typically consist of durable and circular, or oblong, forms. Wires and cables fit into, and through, grommets to redirect them away from sharp corners and edges. Manufacturers offer a wide range of rubber grommet sizes, and grommets can be fitted for office, automotive, and industrial applications.

Similarly, conduit wraps around wires and cables to protect circuits and electricity from the elements, small animals’ teeth, or even from hazardous magnetism. Conduit is available in rigid and flexible forms, and it is often used with conduit bushing, or soft materials that help safeguard wires from electric metal tubing (EMT) edges.

P Clamps and Nylon Fasteners

Wires, cables, and circuits, however, do not require insulation alone. In most cases, insulated wires must be fastened, and held firmly in place, to stay safe and secure. P clamps are typically made from metals, such as stainless steel, and may or may not be reinforced with rubber for extra protection. All p clamps are relatively lightweight and incredibly durable, making them ideal for automotive, aircraft, and aerospace applications. Likewise, nylon fasteners keep wires and electronics firmly in position. Nylon and plastic fasteners, however, typically unscrew and fasten easily, allowing workers to easily take apart and reassemble electrical equipment.

Working safely with electricity, wires, and cables depends on insulation, protection, and stability. Grommets and conduit reduce the likelihood of fires and accidents by preventing the wear and abrasion of wires. Likewise, p clamps and fasteners keep electrical equipment secure, and well out of harm’s way. For more information see this: www.alliance-express.com

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