The Benefits of Online Marketing

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In this day and age, the internet is the most expansive, influential and powerful tool known to man, and as such, any person, business or organization that wants to gain recognition and be seen around the world must invest in some sort of internet marketing strategy.

Most often, internet marketing strategies include business website design and creation, social media marketing, video marketing, PPC and SEO marketing and SEO content marketing, all which are designed to improve the online visibility of a business or organization. PPC marketing is one effective and widely used marketing strategy in which the company placing the online advertisement only pays when a user actually clicks on that ad.

Importantly, roughly 57 percent of business to business marketers agree that SEO makes the biggest impact on the generation of leads. Moreover, about 42 percent of people who use search engines on the internet click on the top-ranking link, which makes SEO content marketing important as well. Companies that can work themselves into the first couple of results on a search engine results page can increase their exposure and generate many more leads than the competition.

Aside from PPC and SEO, social media marketing is highly influential and important as well. Most social media sites, like facebook and twitter, let users create accounts for free and can reach millions upon millions of people worldwide. Interestingly, the number of marketers who agree that facebook is “important” or “critical” in terms of their business and marketing models has increased by a whopping 83 percent in only two years.

At the end of the day, many businesses agree that a complex internet marketing strategy is the most effective marketing strategy. Often that includes PPC and SEO marketing, website design and social media marketing, among others, but it truly is up to each individual business to decide what strategy will work for them. For more, read this link.

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