A Tasty Look at Hummus Dip Recipes

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Many people enjoy the delightful and exotic flavors of hummus and hummus dip recipes. Hummus is enjoying a rise in popularity. According to market research conducted in 2010, the consumption of hummus in the United States increased by 35 percent during a period of 21 months, with sales of hummus reaching nearly $300 million.

So what do you know about hummus. Hummus is actually the Arabic word for “chickpeas”. Additionally, the complete name of the dip is actually “hummus bi tahini”, which translates into “chickpeas with tahini”.

Hummus dip recipes are made for pureed or mashed chickpeas, along with the sesame seed paste tahini. It also includes lemon juice, garlic, salt, and olive oil. Hummus dip recipes are also very nutritional. The chickpeas are a great source of protein and dietary fiber. The sesame seeds in tahini are an excellent source of amino acid methionine. Hummus dip recipes are also high in iron and vitamin C. Additionally, they contain significant amounts of foliate and vitamin B6. Finally, hummus dips are low in calories with about 25 calories being found in a one teaspoon serving.

Hummus dip recipes are often served with vegetables or pita bread. Other hummus dip recipes use this as a wonderful spread for sandwiches. You can also create hummus dip recipes that are a little different from the basic hummus. Try adding roasted red peppers or guacamole for a different taste.

Other great hummus dip recipes call for a mixture of hummus, cheese, and spinach. The mixture is then backed for a tasty, warm alternative to the usual cold hummus dip.

Hummus dip recipes also include tasty salad dressings. You can mix some vinaigrette dressing with some hummus for a new twist on salads. Add a few Greek olives and red onions and you will have a tasty Middle Eastern salad. You can even mix hummus dip recipes with some peanut butter for a healthy snack sandwich for your children.

So, the next time you are in charge of bringing the chips and dips to a party, consider hummus dip. Your selection is sure to be a winner and you will receive many compliments.
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