Combatting Turnover, Hiring Better Sales Professionals

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Hiring sales representatives is the foundation of a successful sales business. Unfortunately, these sales hires are not easy pursuits. In fact, the average sales team turnovers is estimated at over 40% per year. This figure leaves business little time to gain a return on investment, or even to fully develop sales potential. From the biggest and best sales companies to the smallest, businesses are taking consistent losses as sales representatives leave for new opportunities.

So what is the problem?

One fact that stands in the way of many businesses, is that sales reps must be hired differently than the average nine to five worker. Much of what makes a great beginning sales reps is not the presences of experiences, but are more like personal characteristics. The majority of sales closes happen on or after the second call back. However, research shows that only about 20% of sales leads are followed up on. This means, they weren’t called at all. This lost potential is frustrating for both the company and the sales professional. Gaining a sales representative who will stay through the long haul, often means building a greg team that can support itself.

How do you build a good team?

Piece by piece, is the simple answer to that question. Your business must find people with the right natural abilities. Even a handshake can go a long way in the sales process. The warm smile and greeting can invite potential sales in to ask more questions and allow a sales person to help them reach their goals. This strong opening leads to a confident rapport, which is crucial to developing trust and closing a sale. Building confidence often begins with research. A sales representative should understand what they are selling, the market they are selling in, and who they are selling to. When considering how to hire a sales rep, these professionals should be independent thinkers, yet able to play as part of a team, and they must be tenacious.

There are few businesses that know how to hire a sales rep as well as professional sales recruiting agencies.

Sales recruiters can get to know the businesses of a particular sales company, and use that information to screen and hire sales representatives with the right amount of potential, know how, and perseverance to succeed in your market. Sales headhunters know how to hire a sales rep. Once they have identified great potentials, these headhunters can develop the idea of a sales position as something worth investing in.

The greatest incentive for sales people is the job itself. The sales career path is fast paced and truly can be accelerated based on merit rather than intra business politics. This aspect of a sales career means that sales representatives have the opportunity to excel as quickly, steadily as they like. Furthermore, there is a great deal of autonomy in the any sales position. Every interaction is different and sales companies must trust their employees to make the right decisions. Finally, the great sales businesses offer training. For up and comers, knowing they are not alone is a welcome though. A great sales job gives its sales reps every tool they need to succeed.

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