Four Things You Should Absolutely Avoid on Your Trip to London

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While trying to plan your upcoming trip to London, you’ve doubtlessly seen list after list telling you exactly what you should be doing in the capital of the United Kingdom. “These are the best activities for family vacations!” they cry. “Make sure you look for budget hotels!” they implore, but where are all the lists telling you what you shouldn’t be doing while you’re in London Town?

With over 30 million people visiting the heart of the United Kingdom every year, according to Visit London, it’s easy to think that everything in the city is made of gold and, therefore, that everything is worth your time. However, do you realize that the metropolitan area of London is 607 square miles? That’s nearly 15 times larger than Manhattan. Needless to say, within that vast amount of space there are some things that neither locals or tourists enjoy having to see or do.

Four Things You Should Really Avoid when You Go to London

  1. The City Bus Tours
  2. If you’ve seen any promotional materials for London, you’ve doubtlessly seen those red double-decker buses jam-packed full of tourists. Many view riding those buses as something of an essential experience for completing any European vacations in the United Kingdom. However, as NBC News writes, if you’re a family of four, those tours will cost you $130. In return, you’ll get constant mouth-fulls of fumes and far too many views of London’s best hotels, instead of its best sights. Try renting a few bicycles instead to experience the city at your pace and on a friendlier budget.

  3. The Always Crowded Hyde Park
  4. Built in the early 17th century, London’s Hyde Park has hosted royals, festivals, and famous musical acts from around the world. Subsequently, it is one of the busiest tourist traps in the entirety of the city. TripAdvisor recommends visitors instead check out Regent’s Park; it’s equally beautiful but a lot less crowded. As an added bonus, Regent’s Park is only a short trip from the city’s best budget hotels, located in the Camden area of the city.

  5. Any Museum with a Fee
  6. As TravelViVi, a popular blog dedicated to traveling the world, points out, London is home to many of the world’s best museums, showcasing works of science, art, and history. The British Museum, the Tate Gallery, and many, many others stand within the Big Smoke’s city limits. Would you be surprised to know that they are all free? Strangely, the best museums the city has to offer are also those that charge nothing for entry. Why spend money to see substandard exhibits when you can see the city’s best for free?

  7. Riding the Tube Between 6am and 10am
  8. As a tourist in London, the last thing you want to do is try riding the subways between 6am and 10am on weekdays. Not only are fares much more expensive during those hours, but it’s also extremely crowded, as writes. Do yourself a favor and sleep-in during the week to avoid the issue entirely.

Yes, you should do your research and find the best budget hotels in the city. Sure, it never hurts to find out about the best places to eat in London Town, but wouldn’t you also like to know about the things you should absolutely avoid? You’re welcome. For more information see this.

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