Shortcuts to Hiring Sales Representatives

Hiring sales representative

There are so many factors that go into hiring sales representatives, that you may need to look beyond the resume to find the best candidates. When hiring sales representatives, only approximately 10 percent may represent a positive ROI for your business. To improve those numbers, you may want to consider using executive recruiting firms to expedite your search. Sometimes it takes alternative resources to create an effective head start for your business, as you attempt to hire the best salespeople.

Larger numbers of sales pros can be found in almost every industry these days, but finding those with effective track records are not so easy to retain. In the U.S., over one third are going to miss their monthly quota and approximately 20 percent are not teachable. The gap widens as turnover runs at about 40 percent for sales teams. With those odds, it is easy to see how the best sales people can be difficult to find.

Executive recruiting firms are perfectly positioned to better
screen prospects, and to help you identify someone that is a good fit for your industry, and to hire a sales professional showing enough perseverance to make the sales. There are numerous executive search firms that are deserving of your analysis, but you should do some preliminary research to find the best fit for your business.

Industry or association colleagues could provide recommendations for various recruiting firms, but you can use networking sites like linkedin to research and generate referrals for recruitment firms. Ideally you like to identify an executive search firm that is narrowly focused on your niche within the industry. By getting someone that has specific niche specialization, they are showing that they have the experience and business acumen to recruit only the most narrowly qualified applicants on your behalf. Make sure to look for past successes and testimonials on behalf of the recruiting agencies you are considering for hiring sales representatives.

As you narrow down your list of potential recruiters, begin to pay special attention to the specific comments to determine how their clients characterized their experiences. This will include reviews from both employees and client companies that have benefited from the recruiting agencies. You can use this information to follow up with specific questions about the process and their screening capabilities.

One of the greatest benefits of using a sales recruitment firm in hiring sales representatives is that they can filter out poor resumes and identify qualified applicants for you. By initially eliminating the unqualified candidates, you should be able to schedule fewer interviews to find your new salesperson. By finding the right recruiting firm for your business, your efficiency at finding the most profitable sales person will eventually add to the bottom line.

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