What Are the Most Important Pieces of Show Attire Needed?

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It can be tricky to buy horse show attire. You see, horse show clothing is different than riding clothes. Equestrian sports are steeped in hundreds of years of tradition, making rules about horse show apparel fairly strict. What’s more, contestants are also judged on their horse show apparel, making their choices all the more important.

The first thing to get is a pair of riding boots. They should have a low heel and no laces. Although this piece of horse show apparel is typically black, boots can also be brown. At lower levels, short boots, also known as jodhpur are allowed, but for higher levels, the European designs are preferred. It’s also important to clean and polish the boots before a show, to make their appearance truly impressive.

Breeches are the next piece of horse show apparel to worry about. They should be a neutral, light color, such as cream, beige, or white, with white being the classic choice. Many riders prefer “full seat” breaches, which help them to stick to the saddle. Also, if the breeches have belt loops, riders should wear a black belt.

Next, riders should buy a white riding shirt. This piece of horse show apparel should allow them to move freely, but fit well. If it’s warm, riders may not have to have a jacket over this shirt. In the event that the jacket isn’t waived, riders should have a black or navy competition jacket. However, dark brown jackets are also becoming popular as well, though it’s always a good idea to play it safe. The sleeves should cover the wrist slightly when the arms are bent.

The last piece of horse show apparel needed is a velvet covered helmet, which should match the color of the rider’s jacket. Some events don’t require a helmet, though many still do. In the event that the helmet is waived, riders can choose to wear a top hat, bowler, or beagle.

These are the most important pieces of horse show apparel that a rider needs. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. For more about this, go here.

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