You’ve Got More Options Than “Clear” Diamonds

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Researching the color of diamonds can be confusing, especially with some sources saying color is bad and unwanted, and some saying it can actually make a diamond more valuable than a “colorless” diamond. Which one is right?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. While the traditional “clear” diamond is the most popular choice for diamond wedding rings and engagement rings, it is, in fact, not as rare as a true colored diamond. Some may be attracted to the sparkle and fire of a clear diamond, but others may be equally drawn to the rarity, individuality, and striking character of a deep blue diamond, or a bright pink diamond, or even a glossy jet-black diamond.

Colored diamonds are graded on hue (what color is visible), tone (from light to dark), saturation (from faint to vivid), and evenness (the distribution of color throughout the stone). Deeper tones and saturations are rarer and generally considered to be more valuable, but when color is involved, diamond selection becomes far less objective and more about personal taste. While some might be turned off by the idea of a “brown” diamond, others may find it to be the perfect complement to a wardrobe full of earth tones, or a pair of sparkling hazel eyes.

Through the ages, colors have been assigned certain meanings. Blue is sometimes considered to be the color of calm and inner peace. Purple has long been associated with royalty. In Chinese culture, red is the color of luck. And yellow is sometimes linked to devotion and friendship. When superimposed onto the symbolic strength and integrity of a diamond, it’s no surprise that colored diamonds are often said to have strong “characters” and “personalities”. Matching those traits with the traits of the wearer can make for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Colored diamond wedding rings and engagement rings provide a level of customization that transcends the design or metal type of the rings themselves. Colors can be warm, vibrant, bright, intimate, mesmerizing… The possibilities are as limitless as your love. More:

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