This Years Brewery Trends – Cooking Advice Now

There are plenty of choices when it comes to brewing alcohol. If you go at any brewery it is likely that you will see aisles full of colorful local cans. Breweries that are small and local are favorites for many, including us. What is 2022’s future for the craft brewing world? These are the hoppy styles you should expect this year.

We can anticipate many more “table beers” to become popular this year. They have a low in alcohol and contain diverse flavors. In addition, there were many unique winter ales during the winter months. With flavors such as raisins and plums this winter beer brings an inviting warmth to beer industry that is the right notes during a cold, winter day. There are many options for craft beers this year which are delicious and warm in winter. The world is shifting away from the New England IPA and towards West Coast beers. We’re looking forward to tasting numerous beers throughout the next year.


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