The Basics of Employee Healthcare Benefits – Free Health Videos

Your job is to offer healthcare insurance coverage for your employees. You should have insurance coverage to your employees and dependents, even if there is just one. In this short YouTube video eHealth discusses the basics of employee healthcare benefits. Below are the major points discussed.

The employee health plan you have set up covers every employee equally. In the event that you choose to add an employee to the policy, you will cover their medical needs including any medical conditions that they have. The same applies to employees and their dependents. The person cannot be exempted from coverage because they have a pre-existing health condition.

Whatever the size of your enterprise is, you should have an employee healthcare plan. You only need to have one employee on payroll in order to qualify for a business employee healthcare package. To be eligible for the insuranceplan, you must earn minimum a half million dollars per employee.

If you’re looking for an employee health plan that is affordable and you’re looking for a good deal, then shop year round till you find the one that meets your requirements. There are no specific times when you can apply for insurance coverage, and it is important to opt with a provider that gives to you and your staff the most beneficial benefits. foyg7zy65x.

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