Why You Need a Used Car – Car Talk Credits

The latest features. However, these cars can be pricey. Also, they aren’t a great investment. In fact, the second you drive your new car from the showroom you lose a considerable quantity of value. Used vehicles are a much more affordable bargain. This video will explain why you should purchase an used car from your local dealer for used automobiles and trucks.

In this episode Jennifer contacts her friend to inquire what she can spend on a used vehicle. She has about $25,000 of credit card debt, and six,700 cash in the bank for a new vehicle after the sale of her previous vehicle. Dave recommends that she buy one for $5,700. You still have $1,000 to repay the $25,000 debt. It is better to buy an used car than incur debt. In the future, you’ll be able to gradually move towards an entirely new vehicle. Indeed, many pre-owned automobiles offer better price for the money. Toyota Camry is one example. They’re not expensive yet they’ll serve the purpose you want them to do.


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