Cleaning Up Your Home After a Hurricane – Boston Equator

It is among the more costly losses one can overcome. Alongside floods and water damage, it is likely that you’ve suffered windows and roof damage in addition. The force of the winds could cause destruction to entire homes and flooding could result in the destruction of precious files and personal belongings. It can be difficult to locate the ideal location for you to begin cleaning after a devastating storm. This video will go over the initial steps in recovering the home you’ve been ravaged by a hurricane.

It is important to first capture photos of any damage done to your property. It will be helpful when making claims for insurance. Collect all the receipts that you canand begin clearing the debris off the location. If you’ve only suffered minor damaged to your home it is possible to take out a service for windows or glass door replacements, while in extreme cases you may need to remove all the junk from the house. Be sure to take out things that have gotten wet, as they may still be salvageable. The next step is to call your insurance provider. Get your home insurance situation cleared up before proceeding into cleaning.


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