Engineer Uses Incredible Technology to Prank Scammers – Technology Radio

It is easy to dismiss. There are people who fall for this scam due to the fact that they don’t know better. It is true that almost 95% of the people who fall victim are over the age of 65. In this clip you’ll learn about how an engineer made some remarkable devices to fool criminals. Through this process, the identities of scammers are additionally discovered. The scammers may require contact with the bail bond company.

The most unique device that was used to prank the scammers was a bomb package. Once you have opened the package, the device sounds an alarm. It shoots glitter out onto the victim’s clothes. The package also releases a spray of fart throughout the room. They react in a mixture of confusion and disgust. They’re not certain of what they think about the information. They do get an impression that they’re at risk and that someone is attached to take them down. They knew it already because the messages were extensive and also contained a message with more than 50k fraudsters. Little did they know that the engineer as well as his coworkers were also a part of the chat group. Check out the video below to find out more.


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