What is a Cattle Guard? – Free Encyclopedia Online

u live in the city, it can be difficult to comprehend the amount of work and equipment that is required to run an agricultural farm, especially when you own cows. Cattle and cows are an important resource in the farming industry as well as food production. Raising cows and keeping them well-nourished is a lot easier said than done And a number of technology works together to help the dairy industry ahead. It can be difficult to see the little things that are important when there are many activities happening on the farm. A cattle guard is a prime example of such small details. These types of structures, sometimes referred to as grids for cattle, are vital to a farm or ranch. This video will explain everything that you must learn regarding cattle fences.

Cattle guards are basically metal wires that act as fences that are temporary to prevent livestock from being transported across pastures. But, they also permit automobiles and other machines to enter the area. Since this guard has various slot and holes, the cattle naturally refuse to cross it in case they fall into the mud, and they stay from entering your pasture. This is with no fence. It is unfortunate that they do not have a job with farm goats.


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