Common Causes of Corroded Piping – Work Flow Management

If the conditions are right in the right conditions, pipes can be corroded. In this short video we will discuss the various conditions that cause corrosion.

The risk is that you could experience an increase in leaks and corrosion when the corrosion gets to be too serious. This is why it’s important to get a plumber to handle the plumbing repair immediately. There is a temptation to attempt fixing it yourself. However, this can cause more issues. The process can result in damage to pipes when they’re not properly connected. Certain amateur plumbers put excessive flux to pipes once they have soldered them. This can lead to corrosion as it accumulates inside the pipe.

Another factor is water. Your water heater always attempts to dissolve metal that is exposed. This is the reason why a metal anoderod can be used to counter the attack. It must be maintained and replaced regularly. Water can cause metal to corrode along its inside. Metal particles will remain in the water that could ruin your copper pipes.


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