This Minecraft Mod Hope to Raise Awareness for Endangered Animals – Culture Forum

The mods are able to greatly enhance Minecraft. With all these mods, there is always something new and thrilling to experience that will dramatically expand the game Minecraft. This mod will add additional features to Minecraft. It hopes to increase awareness of the plight of endangered animals. This video will give more details. If you want to try this Minecraft mod on your own or join in with a group of acquaintances, look into a managed host such as MelonCube. They make it easy to play modded Minecraft with group of friends.

Primal Reservation is an essentially modern mod. It has high aspirations. The new mobs are comprised of eleven. Each mob is an endangered, or extinct animal, such as the Dodo bird, or Bengal Tiger. The mobs were carefully constructed to make sure they fit within the confines of the game. They still look very exactly like the real animal. Every animal has its own unique persona. As an example one animal, The Mandarin Monkey has a chance of using the Minecraft bonemeal effect which grows in the vicinity of trees and plants. Also, there’s an Illiger poacher who players have to be able to stop hunting endangered animals.


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