What to Know About Asbestos Inspectors – Interior Painting Tips

The 80s. Unfortunately, the material is harmful to humans after inhalation, and is a cause of various life-threatening diseases. If your home was built between the 1930s and 1970s it is recommended to hire asbestos inspectors to find out if there’s asbestos present in the home.

A qualified professional can test the house for signs that it is asbestos-contaminated. The expert will go to your home, collect some samples of building materials and send them off to a lab for testing. The inspector will advise you about the most appropriate method of proceeding if asbestos is discovered in your home.

If the inspector recommends asbestos is removed and the inspector recommends it, they can refer homeowners to an asbestos removal service. They’ll keep track of the performance of the contractor’s job and ensure proper security measures are followed when the asbestos is removed.

It is advised that homeowners check to see if the inspector is connected to the removal firm they refer the homeowner to. The inspector may suggest removal in order to profit the company, rather than taking the homeowner’s interest first. For more info look up the video above.


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