How Are Custom Extension Cords Created? – Shopping Networks

If you’ve ever had the chance, you’ve probably had to use an extension cable at some point in the past. Are you interested in the possibility of customizing your extension cords? If not, continue reading to discover how they’re constructed.

The quad box will be required in order to have four outlets you can connect to. You can then use a regular extension cord and attach it to the side of the box. The extension cord is always limited by the voltage of the outlet you’re plugging it into. While there might be many outlets specifically designed for female devices there may not be enough voltage enough to supply each one. A small wire gauge means the highest capacity of carrying power and you should select the appropriate size to meet your demands.

Discover more about these tools and how they can be effective. Take a look at the video that’s in this article. You could be surprised by the information that you discover! Get in touch with your local cord maker to find out more. This is an excellent opportunity to begin your next construction project that involves a lot of powered equipment.


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