A Guide to Basic Car Maintenance Everyone Should Know – Fast Car Video


It will help if you have your air conditioner running on a regular basis for ensuring that the compressor continues to function and doesn’t become stuck or freeze. Each week it is recommended to let your AC run for a few minutes to ensure it’s functioning effectively. The heater also plays a role. The core of the heater can get dirty over time and will need to be cleaned. If you notice it’s not blowing the hot air it could be filthy, rusty or even clogged. Cleansing your core eliminates particles in the core, allowing it to operate properly.

Look Into Ceramic Coating Services

Another option to think about in the course of car maintenance everyone should know is the ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can be either semi-permanent or permanent and can be used to protect paint. Ceramic coatings for vehicles apply a treatment in liquid form to the paint on your car. The coating bonds with the car’s paint, and also repels water.

The protective coating on the ceramic coat protects the paint and prevents damage from foreign objects. Ceramic coatings can endure a lot of abuse before they show their effects. Ceramic coatings do not stain or fade. Any dirt that accumulates on the exterior of your car will move off rather than staying. This keeps your car clean.

Check Your Electrical

Electrical systems are essential to car maintenance. The electrical system in your car includes three key components. They include the alternator battery, and the starter. The starter is powered by the battery. Then the alternator provides energy into the battery which allows your car to move.

If one of these components has stopped working, you could require an electrician. It won’t begin properly or run as it should. In order to determine the root of your issues, an experienced technician will check it. If the electrical system is not working,


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