The Largest Ohio Manufacturing Companies in Akron and Beyond – Akron Manufacturing News

Learn more about the best manufacturing firms in Akron and Ohio.
1. Folk Lift Company

It is one of the biggest Ohio manufacturing firms, Folk Lift has been in business since 1945, offering high-quality lift equipment and services to clients in Akron and beyond. The company started as small, family-owned company however, today it has grown into a major player in the industry of lifting, having a range of products that are used across a range of industries.

Folk Lift is an industry top performer in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic folklifts. Its products can be employed in various applications including aviation and aerospace. Folk Lift is committed to customer satisfaction and quality. The company has a highly skilled team of engineers and technicians who are dedicated to providing its customers with only the best products and support.

Folk Lift has been certified as ISO 9001.2008. Their products come with the full guarantee. Folk Lift is the lift company to select to get quality products and services. Because of its dedication to excellence and service to customers You can rest assured that you’re getting the greatest price for the money you spend.

2. Akron Steel Fabricators

Akron Steel Fabricators is one of Ohio’s largest manufacturing firms. They’ve offered top-quality fabrication and service to customers all over Ohio and its surrounding areas over the past 60 years. Affirming its commitment to excellence and customer service, Akron Steel Fabricators has built a reputation as the top fabricator in the region. Akron Steel Fabricators provides a full range of fabrication services. They offer designing manufacturing, engineering, prototyping as well as production. The team of engineers and fabricators can handle projects of any size or complexity.

Akron Steel Fabricators Akron Steel Fabricators a well-known company that has served Akron for many years. The company was founded in the year 1957 by John


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