What Is a Nitrile O Ring? – Skyline Newspaper

Rings of s are used extensively in plumbing and automotive applications. The video up top provides guidelines on how to take care for the rings.

The nitrile O-ring is used to seal joints in order to stop liquid or gas from leaking. They are generally made from a synthetic rubber compound that is resistant to oils and chemicals. Normal rubber may be stronger than nitrile. Even though it’s more durable than normal rubber, it has less flexibility. Because silicone is resistant to oils and acids and ozone, these rings are typically made from it. But, they should not be mixed with VitonO rings. Viton O rings are used in applications that need the highest level of chemical and temperature resistance.

Nitrile o rings are identified by their color. Here’s a selection of couple of colors, and their meanings:

Black (Oil and gas)

Blue (Metal Detectable).

Green (Air conditioner)

Rust Red (Silicone)

Clear (Urethane).

Nitrile rings are reasonably priced and have a high resistance and are much easier to mount. Nitrile o rings are an excellent choice in many industries.


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