What to Know Before Becoming a Tow Truck Driver – Business Training Video


Tow truck drivers are responsible for their actions as well as duties

They are among the most frequent tasks of tow truck drivers.

* They communicate and receive details from the dispatcher of the business.
* They appear at the scene of vehicle collisions or breaks.
* They conduct roadside vehicle diagnosis.
Do any small repair on a car.
• Communicate with the customer and establish the cause of the vehicle problem.
* Creating a plan of action.
* Reconnecting tires, changing tires vehicle parts, and jump-starting vehicles.
* Reconnects the damaged vehicle to the truck via chains, steering blocks, or winch.
* Tow the car to bring it to their authorized garage or service center.
• Completing the forms and reporting to the base.

What are the qualifications to be a driver for tow trucks?

This is the prerequisites necessary to drive tow-truck.

* GED or High School diploma
* Automotive repairs and maintenance experience
* Driver’s license
* Basic knowledge about electrical systems and car mechanics
* Good communication skills
* Has an advanced driver course zozion5ue7.

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