Understanding Posting Bail – How Old Is the Internet

If bail is posted, it permits individuals to go about their lives as usual. Knowing what happens after posting bail as well as the next steps can allow you to know what is the right option for you.

The idea of posting bail has been practiced since England. This is where evidence was introduced and witnesses were included. The time came that people learned that gathering evidence is time-consuming If a person accused of a crime was really innocent, they were held in jail until the trial judge decided that they had been found innocent. This was highly disruptive to the daily lives of the innocent, such as the loss of job, income and the possibility of housing. To combat such severe change in the way people live, justices instituted the posting bail system to enable people charged with a crime to live beyond their jail cells. It allows individuals to stay in their prison cell , but does not let them return to court when the trial begins.

Please see the attached video for more information on posting bail.


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