Why You Should Get Spray Foam Installation for Your Home – House Killer

aintaining a consistent interior temperature.
Moisture Control

Spray foam insulation controls the humidity of your home and creates barriers to the vapor created in your walls and attic prevents the growth of mold.

Air Quality

Spray foam insulation improves the quality of air and also controls humidity. The insulation seals the home, keeping allergies, pollution and other irritating substances out.


Spray foam insulation is used to reduce noise in the house and block noise from traffic. It can be applied to walls, floors and ceilings. Also, it can limit sound transmitting within rooms.


Spray foam insulation lasts for years, and maintains its R-value, and can resist high temperatures. Spray foam insulation is impervious to mold, fire and mildew and rodents.


Spray foam insulation, which is primarily water and natural resources, reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. You can feel good about making a green and economically sound choice.

The long-term advantages of spray foam insulation make it a wonderful choice for homeowners wishing to increase the efficiency of their homes as well as comfort and longevity.


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