The Mysterious World of Breasts

Tampa breast augmentation

It seems odd that the average woman owns nine bras, yet only regularly wears six. It seems especially strange considering how much importance we place on the health of our breasts. When it comes to our breasts, a lot of people do not need an excuse to go under the knife, either. In fact, in 2011, more than 307,000 women and teens had breast augmentation surgery. Many purport that the number of breast implants Tampa surgeries would be higher if it were not for the age requirement. Because the breast can continue to develop into a womans early 20s, the Federal Drug Administration mandates a minimum age requirement of 18.

Breast implants tampa fl have come a long way since the inception of breast augmentation Tampa surgeries. Today, the material of choice is silicone or saline as opposed to ox cartilage or rubber (which was common place in the early 20th century). Unfortunately, a scandal in 2011 revealed that industrial silicone instead of medical grade silicone was being used in some surgeries. As such, there is a heightened awareness to the type of products we inject into our bodies.

Breast augmentation Tampa FL surgeries are performed for more than just Tampa breast implants. Reconstructive Tampa breast augmentation after mastectomy surgery or cancer, for example is a common reason for breast implants Tampa. Breast reductions and breast lifts are also common reasons for Breast implants Tampa.

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