The New BlackBerry 10 and Mobile Device Management

Bes policy

Released in January of 2013, the BlackBerry 10 is the latest in the long line of business savvy smart phones put out by BlackBerrys parent company, RIM. BlackBerry has long been the industry leader in enterprise level and security focused mobile computing. BlackBerry handheld devices are just one part of a BlackBerry package. BlackBerry also provides companies with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, also known as a BES. A BES allows users access to corporate and personal emails. BlackBerry mobile device management and a BES policy are important to companies who allow employees mobile access to sensitive data.

Blackberry mobile device management and Bes security policy allows companies to remote lock and wipe phones, even those provided by users in a BYOD program. A BYOD program means that employees provide and maintain their own mobile devices. With BYOD programs, BlackBerrys and other smartphones are frequently used to check email, look at calendars and read documents. Two out of three smartphone users check their emails out of business hours, and nearly 90 percent of BlackBerry users access the internet daily. With these security vulnerabilities, it is easy to see why BlackBerry mobile device management is so important to modern companies. Links like this:

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